Jun 24, 2013 · There are many types of styrofoam. The white, bubbly expanded sheets have a very low R rating. The denser extruded styrofoam comes as polystyrene or polyurethane based, in blue or pink sheets. The R-value at 180 day real-time age and 75ºF mean temperature is commonly used to compare products and is the value printed on the product. 4. Values at yield or 10% defl ection, whichever occurs fi rst. 5. Value at yield or 5%, whichever occurs fi rst. STYROFOAM™ HIGHLOAD 40, 60 and 100 Extruded Polystyrene Insulation 1. PRODUCT NAME STYROFOAM™ HIGHLOAD Extruded Load and Flexural Properties of Block-Type Polystyrene Foam Insulation 2. MANUFACTURER The Dow Chemical Company Dow Building Solutions 200 Larkin Center Midland, MI 48674 1-866-583-BLUE (2583) Fax 1-989-832-1465 Dow Chemical ... Styroboard™ Expanded Polystyrene Sheets Styroboard EPS from Foamex is a highly versatile expanded polystyrene sheet solution ideal for the building and construction industries. Widely used across a number of building applications, Styroboard EPS is a versatile and well proven construction material. STYROFOAM™ HIGHLOAD 40, 60, & 100 Insulation is a product in the Polystyrene Roof Board Insulation category that meets ASTM C578. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports.

Polystyrene foam is a sturdy but lightweight foam that’s very popular for personal projects like arts and crafts, as well as for commercial uses like geotechnical filler in construction. Surprisingly strong, EPS’s unique closed‐cell structure offers excellent resistance against moisture and water vapor, and will not rot, mold, or mildew. Shop dow (common: 2-in x 4-ft x 8-ft; actual: 1.875-in x 3.937-ft x 7.785-ft) r10 faced polystyrene foam board insulation in the foam board insulation section of Lowes.com StarRFoam is a leading manufacturer in quality EPS products throughout the South and Southwestern U.S. Quality EPS Products, Outstanding Customer Service. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. R-values are expressed in ft2• h•°F/Btu. R-value determined by ASTM C518.). TABLE 2: Canadian Sizes, R-Values and Edge Treatments for STYROFOAM ™ Brand ROOFMATE™ Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Nominal Board Thickness (1) (in.) R-Value Board Size (mm) Edge Treatment Manufactured by Dow Chemical, Styrofoam Brand Foam is available in a variety of thicknesses in both 24" x 96" and 48" x 96" dimensions. STYROFOAM Brand Foam products are available in compression strengths ranging from 15 psi up to 100 psi for different applications and a wide range of R-Values. Rigid-foam insulation packs a lot of R-value into a thin package, but not all rigid foam performs the same. Choose rigid insulation wisely, and consider the effect its characteristics will have on the performance of the your project, overall product cost, and the best way to get the bang for your buck.

Open-cell spray foam has an R-value of about R-3.7 per inch, while closed-cell spray foam has an R-value that may be as high as R-6.5 per inch. If you want to install spray foam in a stud wall, and price is no object, then it would seem to make sense to specify closed-cell spray foam, right? Well, not necessarily.

It will most likely be a fiberglass batt, so multiply the thickness in inches by 3.2 to find out the R-value (or the R-value might be visible on a product label). If the insulation is a foam board or sprayed-on foam, use any visible label information or multiply the thickness in inches by 5 to estimate the R-value. Look at your ductwork. STYROFOAM SM Insulation is an extruded polystyrene foam which has an insulation value of R-5 per inch. Its high compressive strength makes it suitable for many applications and, in particular, exterior below-grade use. Tough and moisture-resistant, STYROFOAM SM insulation has become synonymous with quality, comfort, energy savings and peace of ...

Table 1: Sizes, R-values and Edge Treatments for STYROFOAM™ Brand CLADMATE™ CM20 Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Available in a Variety of Sizes and Thicknesses to Address Your Needs. (1) Not all products are available in all parts of the country. Rigid-foam insulation packs a lot of R-value into a thin package, but not all rigid foam performs the same. Choose rigid insulation wisely, and consider the effect its characteristics will have on the performance of the your project, overall product cost, and the best way to get the bang for your buck. STYROFOAM™ Scoreboard insulation is designed for use in exterior cavity wall and foundation applications. Like all STYROFOAM extruded poly-styrene products, STYROFOAM Scoreboard insulation resists moisture to deliver a stable R-value* over the long term. 1 2 3 PRODUCT NAME SIZES Width and length: 48" x 96", scored at 16" and 24" centers ... 3.5 inch 4x8 sheets- $15 Reclaimed 2 inch 4x8 sheets of polyiso with foil backing. These are being sold by the bundle only and have a 20 sheet minimum. Will not sell individual sheets on these. Only $240 per bundle ($12 per sheet) Great RValues For your pole buildings, garages, walls, ceilings, etc By appointment for your convenience. Please ... Dec 09, 2019 · When used as insulation, it is cut into sheets or slabs and is commonly referred to as “blue board” in construction. Styrofoam™ is light and waterproof and that makes it ideal as building insulation. Its closed cell structure means that Styrofoam™ insulation has a high R-value. R-value refers to the ability of a material to conduct heat.

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Expanded Polystyrene holds 100% of its R value over the life of the product, making it one of the most ideal products to insulate with. Great for above or below grade applications. Easy to cut with a utility knife or hot wire.

R value of styrofoam sheets

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Owens Corning’s patented Hydrovac® process technology makes the unique closed-cell structure of FOAMULAR® extruded polystyrene insulation highly resistant to moisture, retaining its long term R-value year after year – even following prolonged exposure to water leakage, humidity, condensation, groundwater and freeze/thaw cycling. It is a light-weight and rigid foam, which is produced from solid beads of polystyrene. An extremely cost effective packaging material, it is moisture resistant, a good thermal insulator, (insulation R-value of 4.0 per inch) and it is structurally strong (compression strength of 1000 lbs per square foot.) Polystyrene insulation is commonly known as foam insulation or by its brand name, Styrofoam. Safety Issues Many believe that fiberglass insulation is in itself a hazardous material, citing the fact that it had been found by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as "possibly carcinogenic" in 1988. Name: Expanded Polystyrene Foam General Information Available in three different densities, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a strong, rigid foam that is superb in packaging and insulation applications. One of the main reasons EPS is so effective when used as thermal insulation is its high R-value. The R-value refers to a material’s ability to resist heat flow. The thicker the sheet of EPS, the higher the R-value will be. When it comes to R-value, our polystyrene sheets outperform materials such as weatherboards, plasterboards, concrete ...